This nature-friendly wall of grass takes place in almost every aspect of our lives. Artificial grass wall design is used to create a natural sight on the walls of the gardens. It is also known as a grass fence.

The material used in its construction is an artificial plastic-based material. Additionally, it is used in all seasons, not affected by the sun or rain, and it provides a green wall appearance in all seasons.

Where is Artificial Grass Wall Used?

Artificial grass wall, which is mostly used for decoration purposes, is the most preferred kind of ornament and decoration for hotels, cafes, restaurants and houses. Wall grass artificial, made of artificial grass for a wall, is preferred for a beautiful appearance in many areas as nature-friendly with the many alternatives thanks to the developing technology.

These turf walls made with artificial turfs can be made in any way you want, in the design you want, and in any dimensions you want.

You can make a nice exterior touch with artificial grass wall decor. These grasses, which are covered with PVC products, are also made of rubber materials. We can say to Artificial Wall Grass that they are just molded and shaped versions of artificial turf.

grass wall

Wall of Grass Installation

Artificial grass wall ideas application is very simple. There are different methods of application. The Wall of grass is a light product.

It can be mounted on the wall or only on wires formed from profiles. If you want, you can even give a grass wall appearance to the concrete wall.

Artificial Grass Wall Price

This wall grass artificial, which has a low cost, has been preferred and chosen by many people in recent years because it is very easy to maintain and make. You should elaborate to buy this grass, which you can easily wash with water along with its paint-repellent feature, only from quality and reliable companies.

Its main purpose is to obtain a lush green wall and provide it with the closest view to natural grass, in all indoor and outdoor spaces. It can also be used easily as a partition and short wall material in outdoor and indoor spaces.

The product can be made in different dimensions and heights according to the projects. Grass wall can be prepared under the operating standards of the spaces.

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass Wall?

Artificial grass wall, which is extremely easy to install, is covered with hot-dip coated galvanized wire mesh and specially formulated high UV resistant PVC. Artificial grass for wall maintains its vivid appearance in all seasons.

Wall of Grass provides the closest view to nature in a very fast and long-lasting way in private living areas, parks, roadsides and many other usage areas.

Artificial grass wall panels are produced by covering synthetic artificial wall grass on steel construction. It is also produced as a flowerbed and flat grass as well. Product’s decorative and light features fit easily to any project. Optionally, logo and ornamental iron can be done on the front surface areas.