In the world that is getting more and more crowded every day, it is your most natural right to spend time in your own place alone or with your family. For this reason, privacy has become even more important today. Home privacy fence with Grass Wall meets your needs more than anything else. It is impossible for anyone outside to see you in your space surrounded by a Grass Fence.


Home privacy fence with a Grass Wall, you can make your life safer. You can ensure the security of your home, garden, workplace, school, etc. Grass Wall acts as a barricade and prevents unwanted guests from entering. You can increase the deterrent feature by setting the Grass Wall at any height you want.


Since the Grass Wall has a real grass appearance, it adds a natural atmosphere with its green color. It always preserves its natural appearance as it does not fade over time. It also reduces water consumption as it does not require irrigation like live lawns. Therefore, Privacy Fence is nature friendly.