Since Grass Wall rolls are an economic and decorative product, they are mostly preferred for image screening in Los Angeles. In other words, it is a kind of Grass Wall to prevent private spaces such as villas, sites, and workplaces from being seen from the outside. By applying it to the garden wall, a grass garden wall image can be obtained. Grass Wall decor ideas provide an aesthetic appearance in the form of a green fence, especially when used with a panel fence.

The Grass Wall decor’s primary purpose in all indoor and outdoor spaces is to obtain a lush green panel/wall and provide this with the closest natural grass view.

Where Green Fence Rolls Are Used?

  1. It can be used easily as a partition and short wall material in indoor and outdoor spaces.
  2. It can be produced in different dimensions and heights up to your needs. Grass Wall green fence is produced by covering synthetic grass on steel construction.
  3. Panels, decorative shapes, garden walls covering, sports area surroundings, roadsides, wall coverings, garbage container covering, restaurant ventilation, barriers coverings, and straight grass also produced. It is decorative and light.
  4. Optionally, logo and decorative work can be done on the front surface areas.

Why Is The Grass Wall?

Imagine a maintenance-free space, non-flammable, durable in all weather conditions, outperforms grass and ivy and has a lifespan of more than 10 years. When you compare a zone made with artificial Grass Wall panels with natural grass, you can analyze that it is much cheaper.

In addition to saving time and expense in maintaining the space, it will undeniably save you a lot of free time. You can use the time you earn by drinking a coffee in the nature-friendly compartment made with a Grass Wall design. Thus, considering Grass Wall’s life, it is seen that it is cheaper than natural grass, and there is no irrigation or maintenance cost.

green fence, grass wall rolls

Grass Wall is a product that draws attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, not deteriorating, washable, and paint repellent structure. While it is applied as panels in areas where there is no supporting element, it can be also applied as a supporting element to panel fence, wire mesh, wall surface.

The decorative fence covering material produced in rolls can be mounted to the supporting element with suitable apparatus. This application option allows the user to remove the decorative grass fence at any time.

Grass Wall Installation

Grass Wall, produced in roll form, is now easier to apply with our special fasteners. Our expert assembly team quickly installs it. Grass Wall outdoor is mounted on panel systems such as panel fence, wire fence, etc., and gates.

The Name of Aesthetics: Grass Wall

Grass Wall systems, hide you from the outside due to the grass-like surface and prevents you from seeing the lousy view outside. Besides, a Grass Wall covered façade adds aesthetic value to your workplace, home, and site.

Grass Wall Maintenance

Generally, the places where Grass Walls are installed in Los Angeles are road facades. For this reason, the texture of grass-like fences that are exposed to intense dust looks dirty. It is beneficial to wash and clean during the hours when there is no fierce sunlight such as in the evening.

Drops of water that accumulate on the green fence in the noon hours and the summer can act as lenses, which causes to wear out the Grass Wall faster.