Before mentioning Grass Wall, we can state that many people have a small garden within their means, which has started to increase the quality of life. It would be great to have a green area of your own, where you can have a good time on cool summer evenings or weekends. However, certain design and planning are required to use these small areas efficiently.

Many materials are produced for you to have different designs in your garden. It is very important to form special designs in garden decorations as well as home decorations that make you happy.

Grass Wall is among the garden privacy fences with different usage areas. For this reason, Grass Wall decor is the first choice of those who want remarkable designs in garden decoration.

You have to make the right planning for a beautiful garden. The most important part of planning is to choose Grass Wall, which is suitable for your budget both temporally and financially. It is not useful to design a garden that you cannot maintain. On the other hand, you can form an extremely beautiful garden with low-maintenance choices, such as Grass Wall.

grass wall

What Can You Do For an Aesthetic Garden?

Make Green Be Part of the Design

Imagine that you will create some areas in your garden with various materials such as wood, concrete and stone. The important thing is to be able to use the green cover together with them and as part of the correct design.

You can achieve this with the Grass Wall hanging in your garden fence, wall or part of the wall. Grass Wall design, act as a screening and background in places that are not suitable for planting. It adds a different atmosphere to the spaces with its natural grass appearance.

Use Grass Wall With Wood and Grass Harmony

Contrary to popular belief, wood is not a durable and easily worn material. A properly decorated wood can be a great element for your garden. Privacy Fence with Grass Wall, you can get different views by covering some parts of the wood.

Combine Garden Landscaping and Furniture With Grass Wall

You need to calculate all details, which are the area of life, the part where camelia will be placed, the area to be used for the Grass Fence, the area to be germinated, the area where fruits or vegetables will be planted, the area where the plants with or without flowers will be planted, in short, the area where the garden landscape work will be done.

You should also consider the color and blooming period of the flowers you will use. If you follow these rules in your garden, you can have flowers that bloom for four seasons.

You can make beautiful sitting areas with wooden furniture in your garden. Grass Wall background in your living area makes the environment more spacious. Even if you want your children to have a good time while you are drinking your coffee in this special area, it is useful to have an idea about swing construction with wooden pallets.

Use Artificial Grass

There are two methods to use Artificial Grass. The first is to create a lawn, and the second is to use it on the walls. Thanks to the Grass Wall backdrop, you can have a green view not only on the soil and trees but also on the walls. It is a perfect product that provides the privacy you want, without disturbing the natural appearance of your garden.

There is no natural grass area that can withstand dense human use but artificial grass. Moreover, Grass Wall isn’t affected by meteorological conditions. It preserves its natural and beautiful appearance throughout the year.

Grass Wall panels are systems that are very easy to install and contribute to the beauty, security of the environment. Also, Grass Wall costs are very affordable compared to similar ones.