Grass Wall installation is generally a security measure for the private lands of individuals. It is requested to block strangers or stray animals from entering your garden. With our Grass Wall design products, consisting of artificial grass, you can make up decorative fence partitions indoors and outdoors. With Grass Wall decor ideas, you can give your space an aesthetic atmosphere.

The grass used on a stainless wire is specially made of PVC material. Therefore, there is no flaming, fading, deterioration, and shedding. It can be washed, and the dye will not come out. Installation is possible in the desired dimensions and shape. Green Grass Wall is long-lasting, aesthetic and nature-friendly.

Grass Wall background is also a widely preferred method as it is offered to its users for extremely reasonable fees. It is popular because it is more durable and more affordable than other privacy fence options. Simultaneously, since it does not require maintenance in specific periods and is resistant to natural events, it has long-term use and intense demand.

Grass Wall Installation

Grass Wall outdoor installation operations are not as easy as anyone can do. It is possible for people who have sufficient qualifications and are equipped to install these materials. It is seen that people who have enough knowledge and equipment can complete this process in a short time. The Artificial Grass Wall, which will become more functional with expert moves, is also an extremely significant issue.

How Do You Make A Grass Wall?

The first activity that the skilled people concert before starting the Grass Wall installation is to choose a floor where installation processes perform. It will be easier to work on the concrete floor than soil, so this detail is noticed.

Another point that the team that will work during the Grass Wall installation should pay attention to is where the Grass Wall will be installed. The assembly team also makes the calculations on how much the Grass Wall will spread over an area.

grass wall installation

Teams that will dig holes at equal intervals should also place panels in these holes. After the panels are placed, the holes are filled with concrete to make that area more solid. In this way, Grass Wall gains a more functional and more protected identity.

Another issue that teams will pay attention to during installation is how high the fences will be. The length of the inserted parallel will also be determined in this way. Thus, it is possible to create a more protected area. At the same time, the quality function of the fence becomes clear.

Another element to be calculated for the Grass Wall assembly is that the panels are separated at equal intervals. It is a matter that should never be overlooked that the same fences should be used during installation. At the same time, this situation is considered an essential criterion for the wire fences’ tension. If the tension is not adjusted well, split-up may occur.

Things to Consider in Grass Wall Installation

There remains a final stage in the installation process after the fake Grass Walls are added to panels. Fixing it to the panel with Grass Wallhanging. After the fences are attached to the panel surfaces with welding or screws, the installation process is completed.

The use of screws or clips in the right places is the detail that will affect the function of the fence. During the grass wall installation of the Grass wall panels, it is necessary to be careful about negative situations due to any stage’s wrong construction. These situations also can cause additional costs.