Grass wall decoration is used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Grass wall decor, which is especially preferred outdoors, can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, as a roll between poles, or as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element. We provide expert staff, reliable and customer satisfaction-oriented service.

Grass wall decor, which can be used in many more unimaginable areas, is a decoration element that the service segment does not avoid, especially since they want to make their customers feel the peace created by green on the individual and be the places preferred by the customers who want to experience this place.

Grass wall decoration, made in special sizes for outdoor spaces, is used for decorative purposes. This decoration product, which has a natural grass appearance, is very advantageous for spacious and natural green. We can say that it is useful as it does not require maintenance. Since it is easy to clean and maintain, it is suitable for all-season use.

Why You Should Use Grass Wall Decor?

It is a modern lawn fence decoration system. Our recommendation is grass wall decoration systems where you want to give a natural view such as your garden, café, workplace, home, etc. Grass wall decoration systems, which we produce as a result of our long R&D studies, are the choice of our distinguished customers.

Our product, which is 100% UV-protected, can resist sun rays for years. The roll length of our product produced in rolls is 10 m. Systems can be installed at the desired height. Our grass wall decoration products, which have a high density, are portable and removable. It has natural grass color and its color does not fade.

grass wall decoration

It is produced by applying UV-protected PVC to hot-dip galvanized wires. You can use our grass wall decoration product indoors and outdoors when you want a green lawn appearance all year round, in all four seasons. Our products are non-flammable and resistant to cold weather conditions.

It has a double-sided view and has no iron or concrete appearance. Grass wall decor systems are a method we use when you want to make your space look green.

Grass Wall Decoration Prices

Grass Wall Decor, which is a good choice for the garden and indoor decoration, is priced according to the area to be built and the size it is made. Comparing maintenance and formation of the real grass, we can say that grass wall decoration prices are quite affordable.

If your area is suitable, you can choose these fences directly. If the maintenance will limit your time during the day, you can make the right choice for you by getting a price according to the size of the area you have. Since Grass Wall Decor ideas are also affordable, the payment you will make will be suitable for you.

What Are The Uses of Grass Wall Backdrop?

Grass wall backdrop, which is generally used for decoration purposes for gardens, has a wide range of uses. You can see that it is widely used in different areas such as construction sites, roof coatings, façade coatings, cafes, site surroundings, roadsides, balcony, terrace edges,  and walls.

The price offered according to the area of use depends entirely on the amount of use of grass wall decoration. If you think it is suitable to use for the facade you have determined, you can have a decorative grass wall design by taking the measurements.