With Grass Wall Decor, you can protect your garden’s environment from external influences. Since it is a tightly woven product, you can prevent the entrance of cats and dogs inside. If you are uncomfortable with the surrounding glances you, you can prevent this with this product. Since the installation of the product is very fast and easy, you can get the image you want in a short time.

Grass Wall is a product that you can easily use in your workplace and storage areas. It is produced from galvanized wires that have passed many tests. Apart from that, grass fence decor can be easily installed and removed. In addition, since it is resistant to fire and other environmental effects, it also meets your security needs in this respect.

With Grass Wall decor, which you can use for interior decoration, you can cover the walls in any areas you want. In this way, you can get a more modern and aesthetic appearance. You can also surround the areas you do not want to appear outdoor.