What Is The Most Nature Friendly Fence?

As you know, we see that privacy fences are used frequently in many areas in Los Angeles recently. The best-known areas where privacy fences are used are garden fences, pool edges, interior, and exterior decorations.

Nowadays, Artificial Grass privacy fences are used for three purposes. These are landscaping, security, and privacy. A privacy fence is a combination of artificial grass and a fence system.

Different types of fence systems have been used for security and privacy for years. When these are combined with the artificial grass type, a popular product in the last decade, Grass Wall Panels emerged.

The most important feature of Grass Wall is to remind nature. Although you have many different color options, the most popular one is the green Grass Wall. It is very normal to hear a lot about the product that is so popular. However, is Grass Wall nature-friendly? Let’s examine this.

Can The Grass Wall Be Recycled?

Recycling has become very important in the modern world for various reasons. Therefore, governments and local governments encourage people to buy more environmentally friendly and recycled products. So, the importance of recycling increases even more.

The essential elements of Grass Wall are petroleum-based elements such as polypropylene, latex, polyurethane, polyethylene. All materials mentioned here are recyclable. Therefore, it is concluded that Grass Wall can be recycled and is not harmful to the environment.

The most crucial feature of recycling is to be able to convert and use materials for different purposes. However, to reuse of Grass Wall decor, it can be easily removed and installed anywhere elsewhere.

How Long Does The Grass Wall Live?

The Grass Wall is very durable and long-lasting. If used properly, it has a life of at least 10 years. This minimizes the damage to the environment during the raw material supply and production phases. For these reasons, Grass Wall design is environmentally friendly with essential features such as reusable and long life.

Trees cut down to produce wooden fences cause deforestation. Besides, since wooden fences are not resistant to bad weather conditions, they begin to rot after a while. Even this feature is a valid reason to choose Grass Wall.

Do I Need To Irrigate The Grass Wall?

Environmental disasters and droughts may occur due to the decrease in water resources in recent years. That’s why we need to avoid wasting water. We can use both natural and artificial grass in the installation of grass fence panels. However, the produce, use, and maintenance of the Grass Wall are more comfortable than natural grass.

The natural fences need to be irrigated regularly and require a lot of water. Therefore, the Grass Wall backdrop’s significant advantage, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, is not to need watering. So, the cost and resources will be required.