21 Apr 2021
artificial turf grass

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf Grass

How do I need artificial turf grass while there is already a natural one? Many people strictly believe that natural is always better. However, that is not necessarily true. Today, due to certain practical reasons and thanks to the high-technology, artificial alternatives are gaining popularity in many areas. Therefore, artificial...

02 Mar 2021
grass wall decarotion

Why You Should Use Grass Wall Decoration?

Grass wall decoration is used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Grass wall decor, which is especially preferred outdoors, can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, as a roll between poles, or as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element. We...

27 Feb 2021
artificial grass wall

Where is Artificial Wall of Grass Used?

This nature-friendly wall of grass takes place in almost every aspect of our lives. Artificial grass wall design is used to create a natural sight on the walls of the gardens. It is also known as a grass fence. The material used in its construction is an artificial plastic-based material....

22 Feb 2021
grass wall decoration

Why Us?

High Customer Satisfaction Grass Wall develops customer-specific business models by analyzing the needs and sensitivities of each customer in detail. It plans workforce and infrastructure according to your needs, undertakes risks with its flexibility to produce different services, and produces fast, high quality and customized solutions. Cost Effectiveness Grass Wall...

15 Feb 2021
natural grass

Does The Grass Wall Harm to Nature?

What Is The Most Nature Friendly Fence? As you know, we see that privacy fences are used frequently in many areas in Los Angeles recently. The best-known areas where privacy fences are used are garden fences, pool edges, interior, and exterior decorations. Nowadays, Artificial Grass privacy fences are used for...

14 Feb 2021
How Do You Make A Grass Wall

How to Grass Wall installation?

Grass Wall installation is generally a security measure for the private lands of individuals. It is requested to block strangers or stray animals from entering your garden. With our Grass Wall design products, consisting of artificial grass, you can make up decorative fence partitions indoors and outdoors. With Grass Wall...

13 Feb 2021
home privacy fence

Why is Garden and Home privacy important?

Privacy In the world that is getting more and more crowded every day, it is your most natural right to spend time in your own place alone or with your family. For this reason, privacy has become even more important today. Home privacy fence with Grass Wall meets your needs...

09 Feb 2021
grass wall

New Trend Grass Wall Decoration

Grass Wall Decoration in Los Angeles is a lovely hobby that relaxes many people. There are many decoration types, including home, garden, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room design, etc. These decoration types differ according to indoor and outdoor spaces. However, the material that is commonly used for decoration is the Grass...