07 Feb 2021
privacy fence

Does a Privacy Fence Increase Property Value?

Why is Privacy Fence Important? With the developments of technology in the 21st century, many innovations have begun to enter our lives. Especially when we look at the surrounding buildings in Los Angeles, we see privacy fences that are so nice. These products are very functional as they are used...

05 Feb 2021
green fence

What are the usage areas of Green Fence?

Since Grass Wall rolls are an economic and decorative product, they are mostly preferred for image screening in Los Angeles. In other words, it is a kind of Grass Wall to prevent private spaces such as villas, sites, and workplaces from being seen from the outside. By applying it to...

01 Feb 2021

The Place Of Grass Wall Among Privacy Fences

What Is Considered A Privacy Fence? Privacy Fences is designed to hide your garden from the eyes of people outside. It also adds a decorative difference to your landscape. You can find many different types of Privacy Fences. However, they are classified according to the material used in its construction...

30 Jan 2021
artificial grass

What Is Artificial Grass?

As its name suggests, artificial grass, which is used for lying on floors, is more like grass. While other floor types are used indoors, artificial grass is mostly used outdoors. This floor product, which is highly preferred and used, draws attention with its quality structure. Although it looks like natural...

29 Jan 2021
privacy fence

Top 10 Most Popular Privacy Fence Ideas

As understood from its name, the privacy fences are made to provide you privacy. To apart your property in Los Angeles from the outside world you put privacy fences around your home, garden, or verandah. However, all the privacy fences aren’t created in the same way. To find the best...

28 Jan 2021
grass wall

Why Do You Use Grass Wall?

Before mentioning Grass Wall, we can state that many people have a small garden within their means, which has started to increase the quality of life. It would be great to have a green area of your own, where you can have a good time on cool summer evenings or...

24 Jan 2021
Privacy Fence

5 Important Reasons To Choose Privacy Fence

It is possible to see privacy fences that provide security and comfort in many different locations. These privacy fences contribute to the exterior appearance of the place. Often, the first element that reveals the architectural features of your place is Grass Wall Design. Grass Wall can be used wherever you...

19 Jan 2021
grass wall

Grass Wall Decor Areas Of Usage

With Grass Wall Decor, you can protect your garden's environment from external influences. Since it is a tightly woven product, you can prevent the entrance of cats and dogs inside. If you are uncomfortable with the surrounding glances you, you can prevent this with this product. Since the installation of...