17 May 2021
artificial grass

17 Things Most Curious about Artificial Grass Privacy Fence

Can I install artificial grass yourself? Many homeowners have strict renovation budgets, and it is possible to modify the artificial grass wall installations. You can install the artificial grass yourself.   Is artificial grass easy to install? Installing artificial grass on a balcony is usually extremely easy, there is a...

06 May 2021
artificial grass backyard ideas

Excellent Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

Artificial grass backyard ideas are highly demanded these days because artificial grass is rapidly gaining popularity as a highly innovative decoration in the gardening world. Also, users don’t have enough projection of their ideal grassy field in their backyard. Probably, you also think this way, but you have no idea what style you...

24 Apr 2021
artificial green wall

What is artificial green wall? & What are the benefits?

An artificial green wall is a less expensive alternative to a fence screen. This environment-friendly artificial grass wall is also called a grass fence. It can be seen in almost all areas of our lives. Although there are numerous reasons to use these greenery walls, the basic reasons are privacy...

21 Apr 2021
artificial turf grass

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf Grass

How do I need artificial turf grass while there is already a natural one? Many people strictly believe that natural is always better. However, that is not necessarily true. Today, due to certain practical reasons and thanks to the high-technology, artificial alternatives are gaining popularity in many areas. Therefore, artificial...

02 Mar 2021
grass wall decarotion

Why You Should Use Grass Wall Decoration?

Grass wall decoration is used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Grass wall decor, which is especially preferred outdoors, can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, as a roll between poles, or as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element. We...

27 Feb 2021
artificial grass wall

Where is Artificial Wall of Grass Used?

This nature-friendly wall of grass takes place in almost every aspect of our lives. Artificial grass wall design is used to create a natural sight on the walls of the gardens. It is also known as a grass fence. The material used in its construction is an artificial plastic-based material....

22 Feb 2021
grass wall decoration

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High Customer Satisfaction Grass Wall develops customer-specific business models by analyzing the needs and sensitivities of each customer in detail. It plans workforce and infrastructure according to your needs, undertakes risks with its flexibility to produce different services, and produces fast, high quality and customized solutions. Cost Effectiveness Grass Wall...