How do I need artificial turf grass while there is already a natural one?

Many people strictly believe that natural is always better. However, that is not necessarily true. Today, due to certain practical reasons and thanks to the high-technology, artificial alternatives are gaining popularity in many areas. Therefore, artificial turf grass, which has been increasingly popular in recent years, continues to attract consumers.

Here are some of the typical practical reasons to prefer artificial turf grass over the natural one:

  • Natural grass is hard to grow in shades
  • Maintenance costs of natural grass are higher,
  • Natural grass frequently has visual problems such as balding
  • Water resources are gradually decreasing, which makes the maintenance of the natural grass harder
  • Natural grass is hard to use throughout the year.
  • Artificial turf prices are more rational comparing the maintenance costs of natural grass.

What types of artificial turf grass are there?

There are two types of artificial turf carpet production.

The first is the one that is produced for sportive purposes such as football fields. This kind of turf grass is made for special purposes, and thus it requires infrastructure construction and solid laying processes. Also, the infrastructure should be made according to the sports activity.

The second group is artificial turf grass carpets produced for decoration and/or landscaping purposes. The basic difference of this type from the sportive type is that this decorative artificial grass requires little or no infrastructure before application.

Even if an infrastructure or any other kind of preparation is needed, it is simpler and less costly in artificial turf for decoration purposes. Most of the time, there is no need for pre-preparation.

How important is the ground for artificial turf grass?

In artificial turf applications for decoration/landscape purposes, the important thing is that the ground should be as flat as possible. Also, the ground should be as hard as possible too.

If the ground is very soft soil, it is recommended to level the ground as much as possible and press it with the help of a roller. If there are pits on the concrete, asphalt and wood floors, it is recommended to fill them with a suitable material.

Which type of artificial turf grass should I prefer?

You can view various artificial turf for sale on our website. If your ground is hard floors such as concrete, asphalt, and wood, you can choose any grass that appears on our site. However, on softer grounds such as soil, you need to buy a product of 15 mm and above thickness. Color quality is another factor you should consider.

For example, flat or curly woven 5-10 mm thick products, which are frequently sold in the market, are cheap artificial turf products with a single-color yarn, but they will not give the real grass appearance. If you want to get a lifelike image, you can choose natural-looking products that are 15 mm and above woven from several different yarn colors, which gives a more natural look.