An artificial green wall is a less expensive alternative to a fence screen. This environment-friendly artificial grass wall is also called a grass fence. It can be seen in almost all areas of our lives. Although there are numerous reasons to use these greenery walls, the basic reasons are privacy and aesthetics at reasonable prices. Comparing to other alternatives, an artificial green wall provides better protection for your garden, land, or buildings. They are simple to install and maintain at a low cost.

Have Highly Elegant Look on Your Garden

The artificial green wall is used to give the walls of the gardens a natural look. The grassy field in your garden will look highly elegant when an artificial green wall surrounds it. This coating system is also used around the sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, parks, pool settings, cafeterias and restaurant gardens, roadside walls, and landscaping sites and villas. This product is highly customizable since it can be used in a variety of previously unimaginable applications. It is made of artificial plastic-based material. It can also be used in all seasons since it is not influenced by the sun or rain, and it gives the appearance of a green wall.

It is an excellent addition to every garden decoration. By enclosing your garden in this manner, you will build your private room. It simply produces a hidden world that is solely yours. The green tone blends in well with the surroundings. As a result, image pollution can be avoided.
Additionally, although some people might enjoy the falling leaves visually, it gradually becomes a problem as the leaves pile up like a mountain, and you might feel lazy about cleaning them. Soon, it becomes one more chore to squeeze into an already packed weekend. However, the artificial green wall offers you clean use throughout the year, no falling leaves, and no chore to handle falling leaves.

Advantages of Artificial Greenery Wall

Artificial green wall is a highly popular decorative product. Made of the 3rd generation artificial grass, the artificial greenery wall is highly durable and aesthetic. The following are some of the characteristics of the product;

• It is resistant to bad weather for several years, and, unlike natural grass, it does not fade or change color over time.
• It retains its original color due to its high resistance to UV rays.
• It can be used in all four seasons.
• It is made entirely of recycled materials and does not contain any potentially toxic materials.
• It is very easy to clean it. You can wipe it using a dust cloth indoors. In the outdoors, you can hose it down.
• It is highly cost-efficient because it has a long service life.
• It is light-weighted and densely mounted.
• last but not least, it provides fence screen privacy more affordably.

As you can see, an artificial green wall can be used for privacy, security and decoration purposes for any area you want. We offer you high quality at affordable prices. For more information, please contact us.