As its name suggests, artificial grass, which is used for lying on floors, is more like grass. While other floor types are used indoors, artificial grass is mostly used outdoors. This floor product, which is highly preferred and used, draws attention with its quality structure.

Although it looks like natural grass in terms of appearance, it has great differences. Artificial grass is a product with different pile lengths that can vary between 5 millimeters and 70 millimeters and is also used in landscaping in gardens and sports fields.

It is produced from synthetic and durable plastic materials. Since it looks quite like natural grass, it is extremely difficult to distinguish it from natural grass. Besides, it is much more advantageous in terms of life than natural grass. There is no puddle in artificial grass, it also is not affected by weather conditions in any way due to cold or heat.

In the use and cultivation of natural grass, Turkey has started to experience problems due to weather conditions. In this case, people turned to artificial grass and lived with a natural life atmosphere. The durability of bad weather conditions of natural grass is very low. However, artificial grass rugs are more resistant to natural grass and are long-lasting.

Artificial grass carpet can be used extensively in the sports fields. It offers a very durable infrastructure for football, tennis, and other grounds. It is suitable for all weather conditions. It is less affected by bad weather conditions and performs better than natural grass in any weather conditions.

Because of its water permeability, it dries much faster than natural grass. Artificial grass rug minimizes your irrigation costs and minimizes your other maintenance costs. It can remain in a lush green all year without any maintenance.

Where Can The Artificial Grass Be Used?

It provides a new atmosphere for indoor and outdoor decorations such as pool sides, balconies, restaurant interior, and terraces. You can even use artificial grass for dogs to build nests.

artificial grass

The Purpose Of Using Grass Wall

Although Grass Wall and Artificial Grass have many similar features, such as having a natural appearance, not requiring maintenance, being durable and long-lasting, they are completely different products. Because of these common features, people generally make the mistake of thinking that the two products are the same.

However, while artificial grass is a product used only for floor covering and outdoors, Grass Wall is used both indoors and outdoors. So, Grass Wall cannot be described as an artificial grass wall only.

What Is Grass Wall?

Security and privacy issues are one of the most significant problems of today. Some technological advances have been made to ensure our security and privacy. One of the most important of these is artificial grass on wall fence panels. Fake Grass Wall paneling may be a very useful product that meets the safety need at the very best level today.

Created with a wire mesh fence or artificial grass installation, this perfect product is named a grass fence. It is known by many different names, such as grass fence and wall fence.

Grass Wall can be built to protect any area you want to use. It is a gorgeous product with its aesthetic appearance. It gives you the impression of being covered with real grass. It allows you to create a natural environment. Therefore, you can prefer this product with peace of mind.

As you know, Grass Wall is used in many areas of our lives. The most important of these areas is landscape applications, and it is used in fence construction, especially different from artificial grass.

Grass Wall ranks first among the most pleasant fence panels today. It is one of the products you can use with peace of mind regarding security and durability. It is more affordable according to the artificial grass cost.